New Nissan Tech Will Actually Read Your Mind

New Nissan Tech Will Read Your Mind


The technology you see in futuristic movies is coming to real life at a rapid pace and this year’s CES show is will have a bevy of future tech on display. Nissan will be showcasing their “Brain-to-Vehicle” (B2V) technology that will give the car a glimpse into the brain of the driver.

Why You Should Buy A Nissan GT-R

The B2V tech will use signals that the driver’s brain puts out to better understand the person behind the wheel. When certain moods or waves are recognized, the B2V tech will adjust the vehicle’s systems to provide the most pleasant and reactive drive possible. Basically, the car will know what you plan on doing before you actually perform the action. Because of this, your reaction times behind the wheel will be faster than… humanly possible. Could this mean launches in the GT-R will be faster than every car out there? Now that would be nice. You can learn about the tech in the video below from Nissan.

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