Overfinch’s 2018 Range Rover

Overfinch’s 2018 Range Rover: Most Luxurious SUV Ever Created

Overfinch-2018-MY-front-3-qtr - Mobile Window Tinting Phoenix

Overfinch has revealed its stunning designs and enhancements of the new 2018 flagship Range Rover making it the most luxurious SUV ever created.

Overfinch’s 2018 model is instantly recognizable due to a deeper and more assertive front-end style incorporating an exposed carbon fiber air dam.

Overfinch’s signature LED running lights further provide a more confident and cohesive stance.

At the rear, the carbon fiber bumper includes a new and improved diffuser that is complemented by subtly engraved exhaust tips.

Overfinch-2018-MY-seating-aerial - Mobile Auto Glass Tinting

The color coding, sill moldings and bespoke palette options provide a greater freedom of personalization than ever before.

The upgrades also feature an array of new interior options taking SUV luxury to an unparalleled level.

Seats, which are wider with deeper cushioning, are crafted in the finest of British leathers with an increased range of trim and enhancement options offered.

Prices start from $129,500 for a 3.0-liter Supercharged V6 and $144,850 for a 5.0 Supercharged V8 Autobiography.

Pricing for bespoke commissions and armored vehicles is available on request.

Overfinch Chairman, Kevin Sloane, said: “For over 40 years Overfinch enthusiasts have received our latest creations with great excitement and the 2018 model year will be no exception because they will have more choice than ever before to create a personalized vehicle.

“When our enhancements are coupled with the design and engineering updates made to the standard Land Rover vehicle, this Overfinch conversion will be the most luxurious SUV to date.

“The visual impact of the vehicle has been maximised giving it a stronger on-road presence with an interior enjoying elevated levels of sophistication.

“Such bespoke craftsmanship is synonymous with Overfinch and the result of the 2018 model year is a distinctive, elegant interpretation of the flagship vehicle that is as exclusive as it is desirable.”

Overfinch’s enhancements come in addition to the standard Range Rover updates that include optional pixel-laser headlights and simplified taillights.

Overfinch’s 2018 Range Rover: Most Luxurious SUV Ever Created


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