😱12 Supercars Under 100K🏎️

seetreason though this is actually a brand new 2016 cayman s so it’s a very verynice color and the agra gray metallic got the sport techno wheels painted inthe same color as the car just just really really nice build on this car Idefinitely like it so I’m just gonna give you a quick walk around obviouslyit’s in great shape bring a car there’s nothing to show you as far as conditionwise very very nice looking car at the Cayman S especially like the color it’sgot the sport exhaust there that’s a good feature to have on the Cayman Sthere’s a couple things on this car it’d be different from what we looked at inthe past one of those things that’s manual you know obviously makes itreally fun to drive them I love PDK but you know every time I get into a manualI remember how fun it is it’s just really really nice a good build I’msorry about the Sun lighting in this carskind of bad right now but you see here it’s got sport exhaust to sport buttonthere manual transmission I don’t know if you could see and we try to get thislighting right but this right here is actually painted in the same coloursthat car the a grey metallic which gives it a really nice look to heated seatsthere yeah just just a really nice car so I didn’t know if this would be a goodfitoh right this is the Alfa 4c awesome little mid-engined turbocharged carbonfiber tubs sports car from Italy then having a lot of fun with this car thesounds that it makes are pretty hilarious actually out of those littleexhaust that makes all these like farty kind of soundshearing of course is unlisted so no power steering pretty heavy but theconnection you get with the road is fantastic really awesome you can seesome of the accents of carbon fiber right along in here that seats arefantastic really really keep you right in your spot there for for 237horsepower this car really really moves I’m really surprised at how quick it isfirst second and third gear just so so quickyes it would probably be better with a manual transmission but you know whatit’s it’s pretty awesome how it is just like this love the styling on this cardso aggressive these smooth scoops and intakes and all of thisyouOhwe’re back again at the truth mining level I know I’m the one I’m the oneearly morning in the gun know you wanna right now no one yeah one yeah can youthink of all those other wallet Gators don’t let the only real monetary gain


source https://cardetailingphoenix.com/index.php/2018/06/11/%f0%9f%98%b112-supercars-under-100k%f0%9f%8f%8e%ef%b8%8f/
Source: http://cardetailingphx.blogspot.com/2018/06/12-supercars-under-100k.html


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