Audi TT RS Coupe and Roadster arrive Down Under |

Audi has a fantastic history of five-cylinder cars and this is the latest, the all-new,brand-new TT RS With a soundtrack that harks back to the marque’s fabulous group B rally cars, the TT RS isthe new flagship for the TT range – and Audi’s most potent sportscar this side ofthe R8 Audi has launched the latest TT RS in bothCoupe and Roadster versions Down Under…The soft top is a first for Australia. And aside from a few extra kilos and the obvious convertible hardware, it’s mechanicallyidentical – and from what we can see, just as capablethe new TT RS packs some serious punchThe new all-alloy 2. 5-litre five is rated at nearly 300kWNew too in this generation is the sole choice of gearbox – Audi’s excellent seven-speedS tronic dual clutch The quick shifting gearbox combines with thefive’s muscular output and a revised more rear-biassed all-wheel drive system, to produceserious accelerationAudi claims 0-100km/h in 3. 7sec But straightline performance is not the TTRS’s only trickAs we found out from a quick road drive and laps of Phillip island’s wonderful GP Circuit,the TT RS is willing, playful and far more than a one-trick ponyOn the track, there’s decent feel at the wheel, the brakes are strong and fade freeand in its most aggressive chassis mode the safety nannies aren’t too intrusive. That gearbox is a cracker On the road the ride is firm, even in thestandard Magnetic Ride adaptive dampers’ comfort set-up. But nobody’s going to be buying a TT RS for limo duties. In this generation, it’s clear the TT RS has grown up – although prices have dropped,Audi says it’s added over $10,000 of extra equipment to the pairing. to buy more performance in a Roadster you need to spend over $300,000 Audi reckons –and insiders hint the RS coupe has been nobbled to make sure it’s not faster than its big-buckmid-engined stablemate But ultimately it’s not the performance,equipment or even looks of the new TT RS that are its most endearing traitIt’s how it sounds Triples, fives and v10s have unique soundtracksand in the new TT that signature is almost worth the price of admission alone. Almost…




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