The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Is Actually AMAZING

Next to me is the 2019 Corvette ZR1The fastest Corvette ever madeAnd with a base price of $118,900, the most expensive Corvette ever madeSo is the ZR1 worth the money and can it keep up with supercars of modern dayThat’s what i’m here to find outSpecial thanks to StreetSpeed717 for loaning me this car, this is his personal babyAnd I really appreciate it, I’ve got a link in the description below to his channel if you wanna check it outUnder the massive hood of the ZR1 is a 2. 6 liter, supercharged V8Dubbed the LT5It’s actually very similar in architecture to the ZO6’s LT4Only the blower is 52% largerLet’s go ahead and pop the hood, In fact the new 2. 65 liter blower was so bigThat they had to completely redesign the hood in order for this to fitAnd in order to keep up with the amount of fuel required for the ZR1 at full loadNot only does this have direct injection, they had to supplement it with port injection as wellAll combined it results in a massive 750HP and 715PFT (Pound Feet of Torque)Oh yeah, and the top speed of 212 miles an hourAround the back we have a newly designed quad tip exhaustThat makes this ZR1 the loudest Corvette ever madeAnd under full load when the exhaust is heated and up to tempatureIt shoots massive blue flamesNow not the type of flames where you accelerate and let off the gas and then is shoots flames for a couple secondsI’m talking about, when your flat out in the ZR1 it shoots a blue flame. . . the entire time your on the gasLike this is some sort of rocket shipNow you’ll notice this wing is a little bit small for the ultimate track CorvetteThat’s because it’s one of two downforce options that Chevy calls the “low wing”The other one is the high wing and that produces 60% more downforceThan the current ZO6 with the same levels of dragIt’s also fully adjustable up to 5 degreesIf you look at the rear windowA ton of tiny Corvette logosThat forms this nice gradientDid they have to do that on the rear window? Absolutely not, but it’s pretty cool that they didthe front facia of the ZR1 now has 3 air intakesinstead of oneThat helps feed air over the newly added radiatorsIn fact there are 4 additional radiators over the ZO6For a total of 13 heat exchangersThat’s actually 3 more than a Bugatti Chiron hasCooling was huge issue on the ZO6When it was first released and Chevy didn’t want to make the same mistake againWell the previous generation ZR1 featured a clear poly-carbonate windowIn the hood so that you could see the superchargerThey didn’t do that with the new ZR1 that’s becauseThe power-train actually sits 3 inches higherThan any other CorvettesSo as an engineering challenge, developing a hoodThat both fits over the superchargerand doesn’t completely obstruct the view of the driver was quite difficultThey’ve done that. . . Sort of,Come around to the side of the ZR1 and you’ll notice the massive wheel archesThese are actually half an inch wider than the Zo6 to help incorporate theTo help incorporate the wider 10. 5 inch front wheel285 section tires on the front335’s out back with Michelin Pilot SuperSportsIs that enough to tame 755HP, just to the rear wheelsWe’ll find out, the side profile of the ZR1 actually looksVery similar to the ZO6Minus this large carbon fiber vent heredoesn’t have that ZO6 insignia looks a little bit coolerThe interior of the ZR1 feels very similar to that of a ZO6It’s familiar yet still upscale and classyWeve got a plethora of carbon fiberAlcantara, leatherand you can tell that Chevy took criticism into consideration with the C6 generationAs they radically improved the interior for the C7And even upped the game a little bit more in the ZR1There are 2 trim options for the interior of the ZR1We have the 1ZR package and the 3ZR packageThe 3ZR being the more expansive upscale versionIt comes with heated and ventilated seatscustom lether interior a ten speaker BOSE sound systemIt even had this camera in the frontThat allows you to see exactly where the curb isSo that you don’t smash the bumper of your ZR1Into a curb, it also comes with PDR as standardAnd a few other optinons as wellWith the 3ZR package you also get 11 interior color choicesInstead of just one in the base packageand because this is a ZR1You have tons of space in the back like all CorvettesI love the fact that this is a full fledged supercarYet you can also carry around a lot of luggage15 cubic feet of spaceLets compare that to the GT3 RS another car that’sClose to this one in its competition on the trackThat only has 4. 4 cubic feet of storageNot even closeAlright well enough talking just stationaryLet’s go ahead and put this in first gear and take it for a spin[sounds of heavens gates opening][and closing]This ZR1 is fitted with the optionalCompetition seats they grip you in place a lot betterAnd they look a lot nicer than the normal GT seatsIf I had to describeThe driving experience of the ZR1with one word it would be brutalwhether its the sound or the accelerationEverything about the ZR1 is intense and rawStandard of the ZR1Is magnetic ride suspension that scans the roadEvery single milisecond andcan make corrections in as little as 15 milisecondsto make sure the suspension is set upoptimally for for the conditions aheadWe have 3 different driving modes in the ZR1That can be selected via this toggle in the center area hereWe’ve got “Tour”, “Sport”, and “Track”There used to be two additional modes, wet and ecoOn the ZO6 but, we don’t need wet and ecoOn the ZR1 there’s also four differentexhaust settings as wellThere’s “Tour “Sport” “Track” and”Pussy” I mean stealth mode, please never use stealth modeNot only are the driving modes customizableChanging the throttle response and steering effortSuspension layoutThe actual dash Display is customizable as wellYour able to link them or make them independentof what mode your in track mode has this lovelyhorizontal display where the tachometerRevs this way, the rest look like familiar circular tachometersThat’s why I leave it in tracThere’s a brilliant heads-up display that has 3 different settings as wellWith varying amounts of information from what gear your in, RPMAs well as speed, I like the track settingWith all the performance data on that as wellIf you equip your ZR1, which this one doesn’t haveWith the optional ZTK packageThat gives you Pilot Sport Cup 2’sInstead of Pilot Super Sports for more gripYou also get a re-tuned magnetic ride suspensionWith 30% higher spring rates in the frontAnd 13% higher spring rates in the rearIt also gives you a massive carbon fiber front splitterAnd the higher carbon fiber rear winggenerating over 950 pounds of downforceAt it’s new top speed of202 miles an hour, know the difference of ten miles an hour becauseBecause of that extra drag caused by the downforceThe ZR1 has 2 transmission optionsA 7 speed manual fitted in this carAnd a 8 speed automatic having drivenA ton of automatic ZO6’sThey have lackluster paddle responceWhen you leave it in automatic mode, sure it upshifts and downshiftsPretty quick but having a carAt that level of performanceWhen you clock the paddle there’s a significant delay in downshiftsIt’s just disappointing and that’s why I thinkNo matter what you should get your ZR1 with a manualSure it’s 755 HPWith a manual it’s definitely a handfulAnd you might be a little slower in the quarter mileAnd around the track then the automatic equipped carBut there no denyingIt’s a heck of a lot more funAnd you might notice on the steering wheel itself there’s actually paddlesMounted behind it but what do the paddles do if i’m in a manual carWell both of them actually activate automatic revmatchingI have that off right now and if i’m in third gearand I downshift into second I have to actually revmatch myselfOtherwise the car lurches and the wheels spin soNormal downshifts there, but if I click the revmatching buttonI’ll shift back up into thirdLet’s go to fourth watch thisYou all of the sudden seem like the best manual transmission driver everGo into third perfect downshift, go into second, perfect downshift [exited giggles] It’s totally cheating but it is a little bit funLet’s turn that back off thoughI can throw my own gears[A Car Lovers Music][Parker Laughing At The Merciless Sounds That Exit A ZR1]This thing is scary755 Horsepower[Sweet Mother Off V8’s that exhast note is beautiful] *Parker didn’t say that, thats just the only way to explain the noise*Oh wow it is a lot of powerHaHaThe steering feel in the ZR1 is fantasticIt’s nice and heavy it feels precise and directMaking the ZR1 feel nimbleAnd easy to dance around the trackIt actually set the Virginia International Raceway Lap RecordGoing around the track 1. 4 seconds fasterThan the new Ford GTThat’s a really big victory for Chevy especially consideringThe Ford GT with options is closer to $500,000 which isEsentialy four times more thanA ZR1, certainly not getting four times the performanceIn fact, actually this car is faster in every measurable statisticNow a lot of people have been referencingThe 7 minute and 12 second Nurburgring lap timeIf in fact the ZR1 did actually set a 7:12 Nurburgring lap timeThat would be pretty embarrasing, the new generation GT3 RSWith 245 less horsepower than the ZR1Just did it in 6:56That’s actually not the case for the ZR1Yes it did a 7:12, but that was recorded unofficialyBy bystanders on the side of the roadWith there own measuring equipment, there’s now way to know if there was trafficon the other side of the trackOr if it was raining or snowing on the other side as wellAnd they where simply testing the ZR1Setting benchmarks, they weren’t actually going all out for the lap timeConsidering the new Viper ACRWas able to do it in the low 7 minutesActually 7:01:03, this things is surelyCapable of a sub 7 minute lap time, what about acceleration statistics?Well as you’d imagineWith a car that weighs 3,500 poundsAnd has 755 horsepowerThey’re pretty crazy0-60 happens in a face ripping 2. 85 secondsAnd the quarter mile in 10. 6At 134 mphThat is serious speed, now how does that compare to it’s moreexpensive foreign rivalsWell a Ferrari 488 does 0-60 in 2. 7 seconds, a little bit faster, and it does the quarter mile inIn an identical 10. 6 at 135 mphSecond gear roll on the throttle, it’s a little damp out[The elegant sound of a 755hp LT5 all american beauty of a Chevy V8]HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOThe fact that this is stock and you can just buy this2019 Cheverolet Corvette ZR1 GoodnessOh my god that’s ac. . . that is actually terrifyingWhat’s insane is, the ZR1 is nowOffered in convertible formThats right if you live in california and you want limitless headroomand weather isn’t a concern you can get it in a convertibleAnd the top can reatract at speeds up to 30 mphDoes it make sense to get a track performance monster as a convertibleNot necessarily, but some people might want thatAnother new feature although its nothing new is thePerformance Data Recorder (PDR), this actually comes standardWith the 3ZR packageThat gives you the ability to record lap timesBoth with data, also with audioand visual, there is a cameramounted on the back of the rear view mirror, there’s also a dedicatedInterior microphone for the PDR system as wellBut my favorite part is valet modeWhen you put the PDR system in valet mode it recordsAll around the front of the carSo you can see whats happening outside the car and it also records the audio insideSo if you let somebody else drive your carWho knows Mike (StreetSpeed7171) might be recording me right nowAnd upload some weird video in case I do something crazy in his carA corvette actually captured my GallardoWhile I wasn’t driving crashing into a walland catching air, thankfully it was on film so I couldSo I could figure out exactly what happened to my carJust take this in We have Mike aka StreetSpeed717 in the car nowSo youve had this car for it looks like 2,295 miles, and before that you had a ZO6Yeah I’ve had 2 ZO6’s, and 2 StingraysAnd now a ZR1, so I’ve had the lineup, well except for a Grand Sport, I guess that’s the one i’m missingWhat do you think of it so farWell this one it’s an incredible machine, it’s so, just crazy in your face aggresiveAnd loud, the sound it makes bone stockIt has such a aggressive crazy exhaust bone stockYa know probably, i’m gonna make it louder at some pointBut it really doesn’t need. . . This is one of the few cars that doesn’t need to be louderAnd your not maiing an excuse like, “Oh, well it doesn’t need to be louder cause I wanna daily drive it”Or so on and so forth, it actually doesn’t need to be any louder because it doesn’t freaking need to be louder, it is so loudBut yeah, it’s been a great 250,000 milesIt had it’s first track day, ya know where this car is supposed to be drivenDid very well, felt very stable, was keeping up with Mclarens all day long And I’m not a track driverYa know, I’m getting betterI’m in no way an expert at allAnd I’m still keeping up with cars of that caliber that easilySo you where saying something very interesting and that wasThis is the current highest horsepower manual car on saleYeah, I mean this is one thing that iv’e touched on multiple times in my videosAnd I haven’t heard anyone else say it, I haven’t heard an interview, I havent heard GM like boast about itBut I feel like its the case, and if it’s not the case, so be itBut, I feel like this is the most powerful production car you can buy with a manual transmissionAnd i’m not talking about like Koenigsegg or Pagani, who’ll build you your own, ZondaBut, you know, actual production carsAnd I feel like this is the most powerfull oneYeah, cause the Demons only an autoThe Zl1 Obviously less power, I cant think ofanything eitherThe only thing potential thing that could have more power than this is the new GT500I’d rather have this though, cause it can lap a track and go crazy fast in a straight lineWe’ll see about that, i’m exited to see that carWell dude thanks again for letting me drive this carIt was raining earlier, so the fact that you trusted me out hereIn a 755 HP RWD carAppreciate thatLike always please browse the channel and subscribe, subscribe to Mike if you haven’t already, link in the description belowI look foward to seeing you, in the next video




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