2017 Tesla Model S P100D vs. 2017 Audi RS7 Performance – Head 2 Head Ep. 88

– [Jason] If we don’t stop polluting our planet,our planet will stop providing life for us. It’s time to do the right thing, and slow down. (car accelerating)Or we could keep making cars faster. Last year’s Audi RS7 and Tesla P90Dboth hit 60 miles an hour in 3. 2 secondsmaking them the quickest four-doors ever. Now, there are faster versions. The RS7 Performance has 45 more horsepower,and the P100D has ludicrous plus. Sooner or later, all this nonsense has to stop,but until then, it’s time to see whichof the world’s quickest four-doors is thebest world’s quickest sedan. (upbeat music)(car horn beeps)Johnny. – Hey Jason. – If you had $135,000 dollarsin your pocket. – I would not be at work today. – And you had to buy a car. – G63!- Stop saying that. – Dodge Viper ACR. – And you had to fit crap and or people in it. – Oh. Um, I’d probably get one of these two. They’re pretty good. – [Jason] Pretty good? They’re quickerand or faster than the Viper. – [Johnny] Yeah. – [Jason] I think it’s safe to saythat these two are. – Modern day muscle cars!- No they’re not. (sad music)- Oh. Well that sort of ruins our planto take them drag racing. – I guess that would be ludicrous. – Well instead, why don’t we go sitin traffic in downtown L. A. !?- Whoohoo!Kill me. (car engine starting)(upbeat music)- Oh man, if it’s one thing that Audialways gets right, and never screws up, it’s the interior. Everything you look at feels expensive,it smells expensive, everything is well put together. It’s well designed, it’s well laid out,they just can’t get an interior wrong. – Except that they don’t have a time machine. So the A6 came out, I don’t know, 2011 or so. This is five or six years old. By the way there’s a new A6 coming pretty soon. The car’s going to be replaced,and they’ve came out with the A4, the Q7, and the R8which feature all new interiors. So if you sat in those, you’d get in this thing,you’re like whoa this is a trip to the past. – You’re right. But I’m going to argue with you anywaybecause that’s what I do. – [Johnny] Shocker. – I happen to like this generationof Audi’s infotainment better. That virtual cockpit thing is justinformation overload to me. It’s a gimmick. – [Johnny] I love it. – I like real gauges. I like simple clean design. – Oh no, no no. Nah you’re living in the past, man. It’s all about that, plus most importantly,the freaking wheel no longer spins backwards. – Oh, oh, oh. – Audi, for years, you want to change the radio stationyou turn it to the right and it actually. . . – Goes to the left!- And you’d say to them, why?They’d go oh it’s the correct way to do things. This is more efficient, blah blah blah, whatever. And they finally changed it. – [Jason] Now the map is stillbackwards on the brand new one?- [Johnny] Well, that’s because Audiis the official automaker of the dyslexic. – [Jason] Ah! We agree!(laughing)In fact, I would wager that at some pointthey’re going to come out with some newAudi dynamical steering that whenyou turn the wheel to the left,it turns the front wheels to the right. Why?Because it’s better that way!- I’m sure they’ve tested it. (mumbling)But, I think we can agree, it’s a very nice interior. – And it’s really quiet. – And very quiet. Which is weird for a 605 horsepower anything. – [Jason] Yes, it is, and in normal driving,the first thing you notice is how quick the steering is. This is 2. 2 turns lock-to-lock. And with that real actual torque vectoring diff,that can help the car around corners. It actually drives a lot lighter than it is. And that’s an impressive achievement. – And speaking of impressive, this engine. – Oh yeah. – Four liters, two turbos, 605 horsepower,516 pound feet of torque, and because it’s German,there’s an overboost mode where it makes 553 torques. – Yeah, and Germans love overboostbecause it’s so much fun to say in German. – How do you say it?- (Jason speaking with German accent) Overboost. (laughing)- [Johnny] Anyways, it’s a marvel of an engine. – It is a great engine. And it’s got cylinder de-activationso it’s actually reasonably efficient on the highway. The transmission is typical of Audi though. It’s set up eight-speed,but the programming of these transmissionsis kind of up to the car company. To integrate their programming withthe transmission’s computer. And Audi didn’t nail it. Like it’s smooth most of the time,and then every once in a while,will shift so hard it knocks your IUD right out. (Johnny laughing)- If you have an IUD. It just does a great job. This is one desirable automobile. – [Jason] It is a spectacular fast executive express. I love everything about it. (upbeat music)- Look, when the Model S first came out,we were blown away by it. How can an electric car be this high quality?Because remember before that,we had golf carts and Nissan Leafs. That’s redundant. (laughing)How can it be this good?And it was styled, and it worked, and it had a range. And the interior’s like, eh. . . – [Jason] It’s alright. – [Johnny] No car’s perfect. – [Jason] Right. And now five years later,and this one now costs $150,000 dollars. However, they have made a whole bunch of improvements. So the seats are good, it has a center console. – It does. – It’s got a completely new softwareon the digital display, the nav screen,and all these years later, no one haseven come close to replicatingthat usability and functionality. – Nope, nope, nope. This is the industry standard,it’s been the industry standard since the second I saw it. Volvo is sort of the closest,and I think that system’s actuallyin McLarens and Lamborghinis now. But it’s like 20% as awesome as this is. – This is, if I may, indulge on some hyperbole,the only touch-screen installed in any carthat is not feloniously, negligently distracting. – Yep. ‘Cause it works, every time. – [Jason] ‘Cause it works. – And it’s just so smart. Like, okay, when you get there,you can just say end guidancewithout having to dig through a menu. Because there’s nothing worse thanokay, here’s the building I want to go to,but there’s no parking right in front. – You have reached your destination. – Please make a u-turn in 200 feet. Shut up!Wife’s screaming at you, like,make it stop, make it stop, I don’t know how, I can’t. It’s just so good. This thing is fast. That’s one of the things that’shard to explain to them if they’ve never been in a Tesla. Like, for instance, it’s so quick,you’re going to hate it, ’cause it’s violent. But the other thing isbecause all the weight of the car is under your feet,the center of gravity, has got to be one of the lowestof any cars in the world. It’s inherently sporty. Now they’ve made the steering as numb as humanly possible. It’s also like 742 turns lock-to-lock. – [Jason] It is a lot slower than an RS7. – [Johnny] Boy, it’s kind of a fun car to drive. – [Jason] It’s one of those things that shouldn’t be funby virtue of it being quiet, and being heavy,and yet it’s a different kind of sporty. – I love driving these cars, people are going to be likebreaking their knuckles trying to type on the internet,it’s not actually the quickest, you guys cheated,there’s something wrong, what did Tesla pay you,but in reality, if you drive this car around,not even in ludicrous mode, just in good old sport mode,there ain’t nothin’ actually quicker. It’s always there, you don’t have to be in the right gear,you don’t have to worry about anything, you just drive. There is nothing even close to as quick. – This is the fastest car in the world,a Veyron has no chance, a 918 has no chance,a LaFerrari, no chance, becausein a gas powered car, when you pressthat accelerator pedal, the throttleshave to open, the fuel has to be delivered,the turbos have to spool up, the transmissionhas to downshift, the revs have to go up,there’s so many things that have to happen. – You have to get a bunch of conditions right. This one, vroom!- [Jason] Within milliseconds you’re at levelsof acceleration that only the fastesthyper cars in the world can do,but you never have to wait for it. – Right. It’s mindblowing. Which is crazy because again if you think about Teslasintended purpose where it’s supposed to be thisplanet-saving electric car which just happens to do that. Here’s the thing, in a straight line,you’re talking the same performance as a P1,a Laferrari, a 918, a whatever,but it’s a hatchback. – And imagine how much crap you could put back there. – Yeah, it’s just like the RS7. (car accelerates)- Look at these two cars. They’re within 2/10 of an inch in length,and everything about them is similar. The roof line, the daylight opening,the overall profile, and the only real differenceis details like door handles and tail lights. – Yeah, I mean they’re close to identical,but not quite; although, you can tell thatthis guy copied off of this guy’s homework or vice versa. – Right, and this guy’s homework sucked. He had to cantilever a 600 horsepower V8in front of the front-wheels,and package an all-wheel drive system,and still fit four people in this car. A tough job. – And that’s why, even though they are the same length,this car has a two inch shorter wheel basebecause of all those packaging challenges,which this car didn’t have. If you have any critique of the Tesla,it’s that since it’s not a normal car,it could have looked like anything,and it looks like this. – A normal car, right?- However, as the Model X has shown us,maybe you want to learn the rulesbefore you start breaking them. – Keep it simple. – At least it looks nice. But what I think both these point tois the death of the sedan. – [Jason] Right. – [Johnny] People are buying less and lessof those, you’re normal three box car,and more and more of like anythingthat has a big opening in the back. – [Jason] Right, because it’s got a hatchback,you can fit a whole lot more crap in it. – Why do you keep saying crap over and over again?- Why do you think?- You don’t want to know why I think. – Alright, let me ask you a question. What’s the one thing hate the most about me?- That you exist. – Second most. – Oh is this one of your stupid challenges? Come on. – Yep. – Oh geez, what now?Manure!- [Jason] Crap!- You want to put bags of manure into $140,000 luxury cars?- Yes, to see which of them holds more bags of crap. – We don’t need to see, the Tesla has two trunks. The Audi has one. – [Jason] But the Tesla has an electric motor in the rearwhere the Audi’s trunk is, maybe it holds less. – Okay. If we do this, and the Tesla holds more,you have to agree to drive the Audi to the drag strip. – Fine. – Then it’s settled. I’m way too old for this. Wow the frunk is pretty small. – Yeah, there’s a motor up there. This is not like the rear-drive Model S. – The Tesla can still hold more. (laughing)You do it, you think it’s so funny. Here, here, you take it. So, how many bags of manure did the Audi hold?- [Jason] 15 rather impressive bags of manure. – Okay, so the Tesla held 17 in the back,plus four up front for a total of 21meaning I was right, we didn’t have to do this. Obviously the car with two trunks holds more. We didn’t have to play withhorse poop or cow poop or whatever it is. – Nothing pleased me more than watchingyou get to handle 15 bags of. . . – You did seem to really enjoy playing with this stuff. Anyways, enjoy driving the Audi out to the desert tomorrow. – Oh, what a hardship. (boat engine accelerating)(upbeat music)- [Johnny] See you there. – [Jason] See you there. Why is there 1500 pounds of crap in this car?- Uh, man, all I know is you promised meyou would drive the Audi right to the drag strip. – How did I know this challenge was going to bite me?- It really gets my knickers in a twistwhen people talk about Audis as sporty cars. They ain’t. That’s by design, the engine is in completelythe wrong spot for handling,and they’re always missing that lastcouple percent of chassy-tuning thatgives you really good steeringor really good handling. That’s not what they’re about. What Audis do well other thanbeing gorgeous and desirable and wonderfulto be in everyday, is this. The wide-open big road, road trip. And that’s something quintessentially American. Which is ironic. What this Audi does best isinsanely high-speed Autobahn cruising. And that’s a double-edged sword. Because at American highway speeds, it’s asleep. I’m doing 70 miles an hour,the engine’s at 1700 rpm, it’s running on 4 cylinders,and it’s bored, and so am I. I know how much faster this car can go,but I can’t do it. And the other thing is, it gets 25 miles per gallonon the highway which means it can go 500 miles on a fill-up. The problem is, I can’t. That’s seven hours, and frankly I don’t want togo seven hours without going for a walk or going for a pee. It seems like the Audi is more about what this car could dowhen the Tesla is more about what Americans do do. Ha, doo doo. – Yeah, Jason was talking about how the RS7,that’s like a German car, and this is an American car. I kind of disagree because in Germany,they express their freedom with the automobileby not having speed limits,they can go as fast as they want,190 miles an hour all day on the Autobahn. In America, we have lower speed limits,but we have this massive countrywith this great interstate system,and we drive as far as we want,we love just jumping in the car and taking road trips. With a Tesla, you’re going to have to plan it morebecause you have to drivefrom supercharger to supercharger. While it’s cool that it charges in about an hour,it’s about an hour every 300 miles or so,so the innovation’s there,this is a very innovative product,but like on the road with Caroac sense of freedom, RS7. Oh yeah, there’s something I forgot to do today. – [Jason] What the hell was that for?- [Johnny] I don’t know man,that Autopilot’s messed up something weird. – [Jason] That car doesn’t have Autopilot. – [Johnny] Your car’s like wigging outor glitching or broken or something. – [Jason] I will get you back. – [Johnny] You have to catch me first. – Actually, Johnny, no I don’t. Because I have the Tesla app. Which is basically like a Voodoo doll to that car. – Do I have any criticisms of the car,I mean it just goes back towhat I thought from day one in that,for over $100,000 dollars, this is your interior?This? It’s just not that great. (car horn beeps)I think it just honked at me. (car horn beeps)This car keeps honking. What the?- [Jason] I’ll just turn the climate controlas high as it goes. – Jesus, why is the temperature up?If you look at the user profile right here,you can see that it’s Elon!That’s the only user profile stored in the car,so he’s probably listening, you know?He’s probably like, oh he said something negative,have MotorTrend killed!(car horn beeps)About time you showed up man, we’re losing daylight. – Yeah, it was all fun and games until you brake check me. – You said you’d drive the Audi. – And I did. – Need help?I’m sort of done playing with your crap,but like how long is this going to take?- Probably about as long as it takesyou to precondition your battery into max power mode. – That’s a very good point, let me get on that. Can you stop throwing manure at me?He is doomed. – Those Teslas are pretty much unbeatable off the line,but they slow down at high speeds. So the only chance I really have of beating himis catching him before the end of the quarter mile. – Look, the Tesla P90D Ludicrous is alreadyone of the quickest accelerating cars in the world,and this is the Plude, Ludicrous Plus,it is going to murder him. Okay let’s drag race these two. Did you remember to buy the generatorto power the Christmas tree?- [Jason] Um, no. – [Johnny] Did you spend the generator money on crap?- [Jason] Tee-hee. – This show needs a bigger budget. Okay, we’re going to do a faster way. We’re going to count down from three and go on go. Are you ready?- I am ready. – Okay, three, two, one, go!(car engines accelerate)(laughing)Wow!- Not catching him, not catching him. Come on, I’m starting to catch him at 120. Oh no. – Okay, that’s the quarter mile. That was it. (laughter)- Holy actual crap, that Tesla is quick. – [Johnny] It accelerates violently. It’s like getting thrown out of an airplane. – [Jason] Well actually,if you got thrown out of an airplane,it would be less violent because thenyou’d accelerate at 1G, this thing peaks out at 1. 4. So it’s like falling out of an airplanewith someone kicking you on the way down. – And just to give some context,the next most accelerated carwe’ve ever tested is like a Laferrari or a P1 or somethingit’s like 1. 2 gs. This is more. – [Jason] Way more. Almost everyone we’ve taken for a launch controlin that Tesla gets sick. – I don’t have a motion sickness problem,but it is concussively, it doesn’t feel good. In other words, you know when you do a panic stop,full ABS, it doesn’t feel good. – It hurts. – This is what that launch is like. It’s just not nice. – Well actually, it’s exactly what it launches like,because if we look at the amount of time it takesthe Tesla to accelerate from 0 to 60and the amount of time it takes it to stop, from 60 to 0,they’re identical, their withina 20th of a second of each other. So it is actually scrambling for traction,the entire way to 60 miles an hour,and is for the very first timein the history of the automobile,a car that accelerates as hard from 0 to 60as it can stop from 60. – Which is crazy. – Nuts. But that’s just half the story,remember that the Audi comes from Germany,a country with a network of highways without speed limits. – Remember your morning commute this morningwhat were you doing, 75 miles an hour?Now imagine going more than twice that fast,like you do on the Autobahn. 155 miles an hour is what most German cars are limited to. And everything is just flying past you. Remember, at 60 miles an hour,you’re moving at one mile a minute. At 155, it’s more than 2 1/2 times that quick. But every once in a while,something blows by you on the left. – Sure, the Tesla can do 155 miles an hour,but the RS7, does 190. There’s a reason why everyone in Germany limitedtheir cars to 155 miles an hour. It’s insanely fast. But this is a completely different league. And this car can do this all day. What if there was a car that was both quick and fast?Something that could decimate city trafficand beat up everything on the Autobahn?Well, there is. The 580 horsepower Porsche 911 Turbo S,it’ll hit 60 miles an hour in just 2. 5 seconds,making it the quickest acceleratinggas powered car you can buy right now. And it doesn’t stop until 205 miles an hour. – [Johnny] Uh, ready?Here we go. In three, two, one, go!(laughter)This launch is insane. I mean it’s, wha!- Catching him, reeling him in, 105, 110, 115, 120,I’m going to catch him right at the end, yeah!- Right at the quarter, that’s just crazy. You just passed me like right at the quarter. – [Jason] To recap, the four door Teslaties the Porsche in the quarter mile. Both coming through in 10. 5 seconds. Along the way, the electric sedanhit 60 miles an hour in just 2. 3 secondsmaking it the quickest carwe’ve ever tested at MotorTrend, ever. But the Model S isn’t a one trick pony. It does many things better than even the Audi. And the Audi isn’t just a good car,it’s the distillation of more than a centuryof automotive engineering and excellence. In a vacuum, that Audi RS7 could bethe most incredible car ever made. Then again, in a vacuum, the Audi wouldn’t run. It needs to burn oxygen to move and the Tesla doesn’t. As long as we can find a wayto make our electricity without burning old dinosaurs,we can stop doing harm to the planet evenwhile we’re slaying super cars down the drag strip. With a pound of manure in the trunk. The Tesla Model S P100D is thereforethe winner of this head to head. hello if you like that episode ofHead 2 Head that you just finishedwatching don’t forget there’s a new onelive right now but it’s only at Motor Trend On DemandBring your Ferrari your Lamborghini yourKoenigsegg your Bugatti there is noother car I would rather be drivingright now on this road by the waynothing would keep up with this if youbuy a car that more powerful and morecapable than this your compensatingwatch the latest episode of Head 2 Headright now on Motor Trend On Demandlike, uh, hey Carol, how you likingyour $100,000 electric car?Oh Jim, it’s the greatest, man, do you love yours?Oh yeah Carol, we’re so smart for buying these,it’s helped to create the cult of Tesla


source https://cardetailingphoenix.com/index.php/2018/06/20/2017-tesla-model-s-p100d-vs-2017-audi-rs7-performance-head-2-head-ep-88/
Source: http://cardetailingphx.blogspot.com/2018/06/2017-tesla-model-s-p100d-vs-2017-audi.html


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