Video: Tour Exotic Cars at the 2017 Pennsylvania Auto Show

my name is Caleb Ruthand this is our new 572c for thesport line seriesso the people are gonna be interested inthis car are the people that have thatcommute to work where they just want toget a little more excitement in theirlivesit’s a very unique experience I i almostwant to call it like the rubber bandeffect when you’re driving the cardyeah your skin a little gas on thehighway while the sun is just pullingyou forward and it just feels likeyou’re shot out of a rubber band and I’dsay that’s the main selling point of thecars that acceleration the mostwell-known for suspension systems on howwe maneuver around the track the nineElevens i personally love 911 howeverfor some people want to do get a littlemore flashy for their money and they youknow they just want to be noon so thedihedral doors the unique paint jobscustomizable interior wheels it’s justgoing to add a little bit of spice andalso this will give a turbo is a goodrun for their moneymy name is Heather tip well I’m theinternet sales manager for Faulkner alfaromeo Maserati and we’re at the 2017 hea auto show and this car we’re going tolook at is the 2017 alfa romeo giuliaquadrifoglio this is the area debut forthis car this car just hit our inventorywednesday night at 7pm so it no one’sseen it no one’s been able to look at itanything like thisthis is a 505 horsepower track card thisis a demon of Abby’s all in its own it’sgot a unique sound to it uniqueperformance and everything you want outof a car like thatI’m Josh Capon from Sun motor carsporsche audi yes is the all new porschepanamera turbo this is a pre-productionmodel that is on loan from Porsche carsnorth america so we have locked up rightnow but a lot of new features with thenew car a lot of new safety features andthat’s real big with the new pay no roofnew engines the new all-wheel drivesystems all the new systems are now inthese new porsche panameramodels




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