2008 Dodge Challenger/Quick Drive

hi I’m Joe wiesenfelder from cars. com cars. com is close to its 10th birthdayand in all these years the winner of the most old car award is 2008 dodgechallenger now it’s never been quite as difficult for us to get anywhere in acar because every time we’re on the road people are slowing down to look at ittake pictures of it we can’t get out of a parking lot because we’re surroundedby people who want to know what it isit helps that the car is kind of orange and they’re only less than 7,000 madeand there are none on the road yet that’ll get attention it’s also just sobig and opposing but it looks terrificnow we did a video at the auto show that give you the highlights of the outsideand the inside so what we’ll do now is just talk a little bit about thedrawbacks that we’ve noticed in driving it and a little bit more about thedriving experience both on the road and the track now the only real drawback wefound driving it this week is the pillar back here which we knew was big andmight block vision and actually blocks it quite badly and not just for regulardriving but we particularly found that when pulling out of parking spaces in aparking lotyou just can’t see back there exactly where you need to your kind of at themercy of the person coming to see you have to creep out very slowly hopingthat they see you now as we pointed out the other video it’s pretty big backseatconsidering it’s a two-door it’s a big car I’m six feet tall I’m alright withheadroom and such but again the pillar because it’s so wide and it’s pretty farforward people who are a little sensitive to car sickness who want to benear a window the windows not exactly closehow do I put this thing is a vomitorium waiting to happenpower is amazing in this car 425 horsepower is extremely responsive andit’s a kind of thrust that you really don’t get many cars anymore it’s a bigVA and then there’s the sound just listen to itdodge says 0-60 times on this car less than five seconds and i have no reasonto doubt itnow the automatic transmission is a five-speed is actually very goodit’s unfortunate that it’s an automatic I was actually surprised the Dodge iscoming out with a six-speed manual next year that will be available in the SRT aperson like this one and the regular heavy V8ride quality is good in this car it’s not great though the suspension is niceand firm which really is good for handling and such but you really do feelit on the road especially on rough roads more than you doing some more expensivecars that give you the performance and handling without as much of a sacrificein the ride qualitynow with this big v8 the acceleration is a lot like the original muscle cars wereand maybe this is a last hurrah given how high gas prices are now but for whatit’s worth all the 2008 in the srt8 version are sold out and come the 2009model year you’ll have your choice of a smaller v8 and a v6 so let’s not dig thegrave just yetfor additional information on this car or any other go to cars. com and our blogkicking tires


source https://cardetailingphoenix.com/index.php/2018/06/22/2008-dodge-challenger-quick-drive/
Source: http://cardetailingphx.blogspot.com/2018/06/2008-dodge-challengerquick-drive.html


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