2017 Bentley Bentayga vs. 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous – Head 2 Head Ep. 76

this is the bentley bentayga the fastest suv ever it’s also the quickest SUVwe’ve ever tested at Motor Trend doing 0 to 60 in a ridiculous three and a halfseconds that’s a brand new record that’s gonna stand for about the next 42secondsthis interesting looking purple thing behind me is the Bentley Bentayga Bentley says it is the fastestmost powerful most luxurious most exclusive SUV ever it has a six literw12 engine which means that has two 3 liter vr6 has joined the crank eachwith its own twin-scroll turbocharger it makes 600 horsepower and six hundred andsixty-four pound-feet of torque hey Jason I was thinking the most powerful suv in the world’s actuallythe Mercedes AMG g65 which makes 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torqueso maybe Bentley meant the bentayga is the most powerful crossover in the worldthe Tesla Model X on the other hand it doesn’t even have an engine but it doeshave a battery pack big enough to keep your iPhone charged for 36 years ofcourse it can release all of that energy at once but it can release five hundredand thirty-two horsepower worth of it and its motors make seven hundred andthirteen pound-feet of torque with a claimed hundred and eighty seven mile anhour top speed the bentayga is the fastest SUVworld but I have a hunch that the Tesla Model access actually quickeracceleration to find out we brought them both to a drag stripthe Bentley’s turbo lag isn’t a factor here because we break torqued it on launch still is no matchfor the Tesla which pose a significant lead from the get-go the Model X beatsthe bentayga a sixty miles an hour3. 2 seconds to 3. 5 and continues to pull further ahead until eighty miles an hourwhere its lead peaks at 0. 5 seconds it’s only then that the electricmotors output starts to wane relative to the twin-turbo w12 and the Bentley startsto catch up in an all-out race Bentayga would win its top speed is 32miles an hour higher but when these two cars fly through the quarter mile theBentleys just 0. 2 seconds behind the Model X ladies and gentlemento mommy mobiles that easily and repeatedly poll elevens in the quartermile told you as quick you just watch the world’s fastest SUV get its asshanded to it by an electric car and we can tell people until we’re blue in theface just how otherworldly fast these Teslas are and they don’t seem to believeus they get in the passenger seat and go full tourette’s on us I think I’vefinally come up with a way to demonstrate just how quickly these carsare to do that i’m gonna bring in a min engine carbon top Italian superstaryour saying things is a super car yeah the Alfa 4c is a super car and it does here to 60 in 4. 2seconds which means it would embarrass a Lamborghini Diablo in a straight line up that is a really goodpointits also louder than a Diablo lot louderok so there you have it a Alfa 4c Spider racing a Alfa 4c Spider thats strapped onto a trailer being towed by a model X this wasn’t a scientificrace we used not testing equipment because frankly this was really stupidbut the point here is that the Alfa 4c is a really really fast car and theModel X is so much faster that you have to put a 4,000 pound trailer on it tomake it only as fast as a really fast car please don’t try this at home wetried it because we’re not at home and we’re professionals professional idiotsbut professionals non the less idiots well you’re alive and I did not think you would bewhen you told me like hey he’s going to put a race car on a trailer and tow it behind aTesla and do a full launch I was like he’s going to die he’s going to jack knife he’s going die and findanother co-host well I’m glad you didn’t yeah that was nuts I really thought the back half ofthe Tesla was gonna rip off every single time we launched it I think its just insane ludicrousactually one step pass insane no but you don’t look in any other company that is a seriously quickSUV and potentially the fastest suv in the world but these two trucks it happened at the sametime which I find really interesting that is only tiny British luxury withwood and leather and it couldn’t be any more different than this which is newSilicon Valley drives itself electric technology showcase computer on wheels Ithink it’s really interesting that they’re happening at the same time thatsaid this is a strange head-to-head because that car costs almost twice whatthis car costs and in that sense they’re not direct competitors that sounds likesomething that Tesla and Bentley marketing department would say I would sayif your a rich person and you’re in the market for the latest greatest craziest SUV you’re gonna takea long hard look at both of these yes and maybe have to pick one which is whywe have to pick one which is why we’re not going to go on the road and drivethese things to figure out which one is the better SUValright Bentayga pretty quite goes down the road with authority very fast suv worlds fastest suv as they claimthis one is on 21’s right that does bring up one thing about this ride quality impact is a little bit harsh just because you don’t have a lot of sidewall and then everythingelse is sort of like suitably bentley wallow so you get this sort of impression thatyou’re driving an Audi q7 with like blown shocks but it’s like bang is that in bentleymode or comfort mode in comfort mode you have like completely blown shocks totallyin Bentley mode it rides well but I I wish the impact was damped a little bit it’s kinda all about sport mode this is an impressive mode for this carthis is the one where it starts uses that 48 volt electrical system just moved sway bars around right the waythis one works there’s a step-up transformer up to 48 and that powerssupercapacitors that are on the roll bars so turn into a corner there’s likeno roll like this flat I rolled my fat rolled well we need better seat beats it stays very flat on corners the interesting thing thoughis it stays perfectly flat thru the corner and then it’s got huge break dive andacceleration squad I mean you floor it at night you blind all the drivers in front of you I thinksports mode really does solve a lot of that however like all Bentley’s I like driving in Bentley mode but is this thingBentley enough if mulsanne on which is a real six and three quarter liter v8rear wheel drive thats a bentley if this is a mulsanne over hereand this is a Cadillac Cimarron in terms of badge engineering meaning a luxury brand ona car that’s not a luxury car ok too far that direction for methe Audi q7 which is based on is a fantastic fantastic vehicle really good luxury kind of aestheticallychallenged though it shares that with this how does he even take it differ from accused notenough the steering wheel and the controls are all very clearly outing wedrive all his car so we recognize this and that and the potential owners ofthis car might not recognize that but a badge job is just a badge job the engine isunique so let’s talk about that said brand new six liter w12 same basicdisplacement as the old engines still two vr6 right but it got direct injection and moreimportantly the ability to disable one bank of cylinders so while you’recruising this can be a 3 liter vr6 and fuel economy gains are huge I mean I’ve seensort 16 and a half miles per gallondriving like a jerk and that’s six liter 12 cylinder that does 0 to 60in 3 seconds3. 7 seconds is a massive achievement and more importantlythe w12 sort of took any vibration that the vr6 multiplied by twenty this one isgenuinely v12 smooth and it sounds good it does sound good yeah that’s hard todo with a w anythinghats off to Bentley for finally perfecting that w12 sounds goodgreat gas mileage turbo lag is a fraction of what it was before this is now amodern engine I like that a lot Bentley says this thing will do a hundred and eighty seven miles an hour I don’t thinktoo many customers to try that but they want to be able to say I know 187 I cango off-road if I need to and that’s what we’re paying the money and it was foryou know thirty seconds until we tested the Tesla the quickest and fastest SUV we’ve evertested everand now it’s just the fastest I mean poor things going to have to cry itself to sleep atnight probably why look at itself in the mirror but look at this together with the Teslasee if we can figure out exactly what the designers were thinking thedesign for thinking now not looking either boy I seen these cars for yearsand years and years and they are not getting better with agebeauty is in the eyes of the beholder I mean these both of these cars are soldout clearly there are people who are not nearly as offended by the way they lookas we are one thing that I find very interesting is this is an exercise inopposites nice he told him that has to look ahead later nice shape themerchandise put the proportions are awful the Bentley is kind of the otherway around the proportions are just conventional SUV that was a missedopportunity for Bentley and it’s only been leonid details but the details thatthat is a lot I’ll give you one thing that he drove me nuts this test if youlook at it from the side or from the back would you really know we’ve got acopy the 5 series of all timethat’s our new SUV and then this week killed me about then take is those bodycolored caps on the secondary lights it’s bad sorry migrants Bentley has tonip this in the bud the horrible detail in the further we get from the cardisappointing in different directions and suddenly the car looks cross boobjob look again there’s a lot of people waiting in line to buy this car but itstrikes me as a German caricature of what a British luxury car could be soldto Chinese audience and it will by the time this car is meant to do at least itdoesn’t look like it’s going bald with that giant piece of glass looks like wesee great house forehead so which is prettierlet’s just go on that thingyeah the drive car because there are other cars out therenew e-class which has similar capabilities but it’s only about 80percent as good as this it shows you what it seems that you are so covetedjudges of blind here’s what I see here is where the car is in the line lookhere comes a bicycle here comes a semi-truck it actually control thedifferent but I can send you can just let go of the wheel and actually trustedeven on a curvy road yeah no way human beings are you get a text message you’regonna look at it that where you’re not going to check any million and and sothat’s dangerous right and so what do you do to prison for doing it for youdevelop technology where people are gonna be behaved and they’re not gonnadiethe bentley as you know all the worldly time he’d luxury in the sense of leathereverywhere inside of a human or are you know what’s really luxurious to meet thefact that I can relax for a second and read a quick text message that’s aluxury the the ability to not necessarily give a hundred percent of myattention the whole time driving and then not sacrifice anything that safetyis a true new luxury it’s a missed opportunity for the dentate absolutelythat has linked you persist but its Pogo’s back and forth until it basicallybounces off a peasant innovation these guys are bringing to the market isincrediblelook you accompany the lead have an internal combustion engine all-electricautopilot this amazing giant touchscreen this is an arson 2012 every touch screenhas come since not as goodyeah however if you had a squiggle have to check my medical records that Ieaten squigglearound they made us wear bagel and there’s a lot of innovation in this carwhich reminds me of a squiggle innovation for the sake of innovationlike this work we did the Sun Visor well that’s because they reinvented thewindshield yeah it doesn’t matter when showed where there’s no cover here sodesert so it is going to be beating down my head I mean look I’m have to wear ahat todaydelicate flower really there’s no way to ever shape this the multiple seatswhat do those do again and this time windows are one step away from a whitesquare wheels yet mister must I said square with most of the stuff in the carworks but had they not wasted all those seats the doors discarded on sale 18months ago and the model three right which is the car that I really careabout that the mass market $40,000you must is not and I appreciate that because he’s tightening of theautomotive industry by that I mean people who have pushed through theirvision and refused to accept compromise and it starts you know with a ToryBugatti every 43 Ford he act right these are the guys that were uncompromisingand maybe we look at some of these things like the glass and the shockendorsing the season think they were unnecessary but at the same time he’llon push through autopilot this screen and let’s not forget electric vehiclesand there’s one thing I love about esta tu is a Google we’re gonna make it it’sgoing to be thethey ever made is just so named because we hate cars but is gonna drive itselfthrough texts like Parker dress herself by the way it’s quicker than almostevery Super occur on the planet in a straight line and it seats seven and gotseven seat heaters you know I love that aboutbad things it doesn’t quite right as nicely as the deadly but the funny thingis when we talk about these cars we never mentioned ride handling theirsteering or breaks caused it all works I love the engineers at 10 right out ofthe gate Model S is great to drive this is like a model S and 700 extra poundsessentially it’s a little heavier but it drives about as good or better handlingof course if you are there were stealing cars I cannot get enough of his doorthat is so cool I walk away and it closes you are easily amused by thisdirectionopened a little bit opens more it’s a gimmick it is not it is a germaphobesweat dream which is really repulsive to return to use their hands anyway it is agimmick but you like it I like it and more importantly when I started drivinga Bentley regularly I miss it so it can you get used to which will turn intosomething they don’t touch my god oh my clothes are you ok let’s get this thingcharge and get sleep doesn’t follow orders I guess ok there’s parking thankyou I’m going to use technology to fix my parking job huhparking charging yeah I love the front doors I could live without the rivers inthe fucking dorsey overly complicated super gimmick the delayed the launch ofthis vehicle by 18 months that nearly sank the stock price of Tesla need badlooking ahead to develop new technology which i think is interestingultrasonic sensors that see through the skincircle things actually sees right through to at least it’s a questionabledecision on whether they should have done it but they didn’t like it at allit’s like going to the moon to develop the electric drillyes I don’t have a problem with that a drug test was saying that this thing canopen up if there’s an optical within 11 images just pull the door of her go getthem leaving go on with this massive with the door until it gets pretty shyboy don’t hit the bed layinglook at that you know me and many men could do the same thing but yeah youknow the one thing I will say about this technology doesn’t the fact that I canpull my iPhone and things will drive out of the parking spots render them yeslet’s get coffee before I pass out pretty cool though their genius geniusso in conclusion I don’t like either by later no get back here who am I gonnafight with about the decision you don’t have to like it we have to judge themobjectively based on their target audience and their intended purposetarget audiences funny bring that up so here’s laughing a real Bentley there isa whimsical is to it there’s an emotional part to it that is lackingfrom this car this thing is very intellectual into very German take on aBentley yes the letters all here but it doesn’t feel british two hundred andeighty thousand dollars I’d argue there is a British car you could get in factyou could buy two Range Rover autobiography supercharged everyavailable option and did might have won this anyway but yeah if you wantsomething electric you don’t have a choice but to go with the test thatthere is no electric vehicle yeah I think that guys came out the winner ofthe said not pretty though fully understand you get an enemy artists hesaid listen to music at the defeat of what wheels however I don’t think it’spossible to have a more obnoxious SUV then a three turn purple Bentley I justdon’t think you could have one nowno way I’m drawing blanks yeahwe know you don’t have time to wait for the next episode of head-to-head that’swhy you need to head to motor trend on mint. com that’s where the latest episodealways liveson the other side ETT was always trying to be the car to bridge that gap this isthe new TTX the fast and unlike any TV for it it has one perfect directcompetitor Alfa Romeo 4c watch the latest episode of head to head right nowon motor trend on the man I cannot get enough of these doors that is so coolI’m used by these closer taste when you get back in the car back it up with no Iwon’t because I’m gonna showvindication that’s ever happened


source https://cardetailingphoenix.com/index.php/2018/06/25/2017-bentley-bentayga-vs-2016-tesla-model-x-p90d-ludicrous-head-2-head-ep-76/
Source: http://cardetailingphx.blogspot.com/2018/06/2017-bentley-bentayga-vs-2016-tesla.html


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