The 5 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017 – 2018

Most expensive cars in the world are so much more thantransportation these rolling art piecesencapsulate the priorities of the 1% and in that universeflamboyance and swagger take precedence overpracticality and efficiencyLifestyle criticisms aside. These are truly mind-boggling machinesAnd we’d like to count down our favorites for you here 10 Zenvo st1$12m kicking off our list is less of a car and more of an Unchained animal in the st1assembled in Zealand Denmark the Zenvo creates an absolutely obscene amount of power by combining a6-8 litre v8 with both a supercharger and a turbochargerJust how much is obscene exactly. How about one?104 horsepower and105 for pound-feet of torque all channeled to the car’s rear wheelsFerrari laferrari$1 for EM few cars on the road are more striking and even fewer accelerate fasterWith a dry weight of less than 2 800Pounds this dragon-like performance car accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 30 seconds and it’ll prance to124 miles per hour in under 7flat out it’ll top217 miles per hourPagani who IRA $1 for MThe who IRA is equally as famous for its odd sounding name as it is for its face-melting performanceNamed after the Incan God of wins the who IRA pronounced Y raw boasts an AMG source6-0 liter v12 with two turbochargersresulting in 620 horsepower and in a massive 700 40 pounds feetAston Martin one-77$1 for em under the vented hood lurks Oh naturally aspirated v12 that displaces 73 litres which is a lot it produces750 horsepower and553 pounds feet which is also a lotthose numbers make the177 the fastest Aston Martin ever made asThis spy chaser will top 220 miles per hour in the right conditionsFrom a stop. It’ll do 0 to 60 miles per hour in 35 secondsKoenigsegg one:1$20 M. You can buy a lot with 2 million dollars a really nice houseabout 80 Mazda mx-5S or the Swedish mega car shown above aLogical thinker could probably think of a better way to spend your life savingsbutmega cars don’t give a damn aboutlogic because they’re mega andAfter reading what the car is capable of two million dollars might actually be a stealferrari f60 america two dollarsBuy them the supercar is mechanically identical to the f12 but the Berlinetta isn’t exactly a Fiat Pandato begin withit’s6-2 litre v12 churns out740 glorious HP enough to propel the car to 60 miles per hour in only threeone second the ultra rare flag waver harkens back toFerraris bespoke past as the company built several region-specificsports cars in the 1950s and 1960sMansory vivere bugatti veyron$34m this list wouldn’t be complete without some version of the mighty Bugatti VeyronWe’re shining our spotlight on the the Mads iver edition hereBecause not only is it one of the fastest cars in the world?It’s one of the most expensiveW motors lykan Hypersport$34m, you may recall the lykan Hypersportfrom its starring role in the blockbuster Furious 7Where the Lebanese supercar crashed through not onenot two but three skyscrapers in Dubai in thefranchise filled with high-end exotics and one-off custom creationsThe fact that the Hypersport got so much focus is a testament to its magnetismLamborghini veneno$4 buy them the car is absolutelyStunning from every angle and to this day. We’re not convinced. It is an inalienablea ventral take overIt just doesn’t seem real the only thing more remarkable than the look is the price a whopping $45,000,000koenigseggccxr trevita$4 8 them underneath the lustrous finish lies of 4 8 litredualsupercharged v8 with a total output of104 HP and797 pounds feetWhich means it should have little to no trouble overtaking semies on the freewaythe carsspecifications in both performance and price are nearly comical at this point andJust three were ever madeAlex Todd brand manager at boxy Moe commented the1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner coupe was sold for $17 million in1987 that and many others won’t be included in this list. They are no longer available in the marketYouPlease Don’t forget to: LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE for the latest secrets of the world.




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