TOP 10 JDM Cars With Pop-Up Headlights

On this list, we’re going to be talking about 10 JDM cars that feature pop-up headlamps. The best of bunch, in my opinion, is the Toyota 2000GT. However, as it’s such a rare car,it was difficult to find good footage for it. So therefore, we’re skipping this one. Starting off on our list, we’ve got the Honda NSX MK1. This car featured the 3. 0 or 3. 2C30A, C32B motor, which is a dual-overhead-camshaft VTEC V6 unit, making from 270 to 290 horsepower. It’s a mid-engined rear-wheel-drive car. It was better than Ferraris of the time, andis now considered a classic. Second on our list, is the Mazda RX7 FD of 1991. This onehas a 2-rotor engine, 1. 3L, codenamed 13B-REW. It’s a Twin-Turbo unit making 270 horsepower. The engine is put in the front, it’s got rear-wheel-drive, it’s lightweight and it revs to 8000RPM. Onthe 3rd place we’ve got the Mitsubishi GTO of 1990. Thisone has a twin-turbo V6 motor, codenamed 6G72, at 3 litres, making 300 horsepower. It’s putin the front, it’s got all-wheel-drive, and it’s very advanced for the time, featuringactive aero and other systems. Fourth on our list is the Toyota Supra A70 from 1986. Thisis a 2. 5L straight-6 twin-turbo unit at 280 horsepower, codenamed 1JZ-GTE, and put inthe front. It’s got rear-wheel-drive and at the time it was also very advanced, featuringtechnologies like ABS or changeable damper rates. On the fifth place ,we’ve got the FairladyZ Z31 from 1983. This one features a single turbo, single camshaft 3. 0L V6 codenamed VG30ET. It makes 250 horsepower, and the engine is put at the front, with rear-wheel-drive. It’snoted for having Japan’s first mass-produced V6. Sixth on our list is the Toyota MR-2 SW20from 1989. The best engine of the bunch is the 3S-GTE, a 2. 0L Straight-4 Turbo Motor,making 220 horsepower and situated in the middle. So, this car has got a Mid-EngineRear-wheel-drive platform. It’s prone to snap oversteer, having been criticised for beingdangerous at the time, and it’s certainly not a car for newbies at the mid-engine rwdworld. Seventh on our list, is the Nissan 180SX S13, from 1989. This one had a 2L, four-cylinderturbo motor, codenamed SR20DET making 200 horsepower and situated at the front, withrear-wheel-drive. It was very popular in the drifting scene, and it’s also known for beingprone to rust. Eighth on our list is the Toyota Celica T180 from 1989. The GT-Four model hada 3S-GTE motor, like the MR-2, which was a 2L straight-four turbo unit making 220 horsepower,and put in the front, with 4WD. It was inspired by the rally Celica, and it was the most powerfulcelica destined for the US market. On the 9th place, we’ve got the Toyota Corolla AE86from 1983. This had a 1. 6L Straight-four naturally aspirated unit making 110hp, codenamed 4A-GE,which was put at the front, with rear wheel drive. It was famous for being very lightweight,it was also famous for being in the Initial-D anime series and was very popular in the driftingscene. And lastly, we’ve got the Mazda Eunos Roadster, also known as the MX-5 here in Europe,the MK1 generation from 1989. The best of the bunch, was the 1. 8L BP-4W unit which wasa straight-4 naturally aspirated motor making 130 horsepower, situated at the front, withrear-wheel-drive. This car has a perfect weight distribution, is very lightweight, convertible,cheap, and a great introduction to rear-wheel-drive. Thanks for watching, remember to leave suggestionsand ideas for future videos in the comments below!




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