Welcome in on the Thursday later. How ride-sharing is helping to revive the rental car biz now your morning headlinesisthe Popular BMW 3-seriesGoing electric. Yes according to a report in the German newspaper Honda lotsIt says the automaker plans to introduce an electric version of its 3 series inseptember in a move designed to fend off Rival TeslaBmWs said to be planning to prevent the vehicle at the Frankfurt auto show in SeptemberBMW declined to commentHonda’s blog says the electrified 3-series will have a range of248 miles and would compete with tesla’s model 3 which goes on sale later this yearWe are here to announce a B11 84 which is the California electric vehicle ownershipCalifornia Assemblyman Phil King in San Francisco, WednesdayAnnouncing a bill that would provide rebates to evey buyers at the time of purchasethereby reducing the sale price right as customers drive off the lots asBloomberg reports the federal tax credit for electric car purchases has an end in sight inCalifornia doesn’t want demand for a zero emission vehicle to meet the same fateThe Bill does not specify the size of the rebatesexecutives from Hyundai and Samsung are among a 50 two-person business delegationJoining South Korean leader moon Jae-in today as he begins a two-day summit with us President Donald trumpTrump is expected to press moon for more balanced trade with the u. s. Ahead of the summit Samsung announcing today that it will open its first u. s. Appliances plant in more than three decades the Factory will be in, South CarolinaUber says it did not know about the alleged theft of proprietary information from Wei mo until Google’s self-drivingventure filed a lawsuit in February in a document, WednesdayThe ride-hailing company refutes Lame-o’s claim that uber conspired with engineer Anthony Levin duskyto download14,000 files and steal trade secretsBefore he left way moe in January 2016anAudiOutfitting the new a8 in special spidey camouflage yesterday in Los Angeles at a star-studded eventMarking the world Premiere of Fireman homecoming the carChauffeuring after Tom Holland down the Red Carpet at the TCL Chinese theatreActors Robert Downey Jr. . And John Favreau arrived Together in a black R8 fighterOuties official eight-eight reveal is slated for July 11th in Barcelonabut the movie offers glimpses of the car including a scene highlighting the Audi AiTraffic Jam Pilot feature the Hill by the way opens worldwide july 7 isThe ride-sharing age giving old-school rental car companies a lifeline according to bloomberg it just mighton MondayWe saw deals made between Google self-driving car unit way mo and adis budget and between Apple and Hertz Global holdingsThe tech Giant’s moves showing that they’re willing to partner withtraditional players instead of driving them out of existence infact the agreements while small in scope pushed up shares of both rental agenciesBloomberg says rental stocks have long been out of favor due to investor concern over the role those companies will play in anIndustry where driverless cars and ride-sharing play a bigger role?Now the new deals offer a little more clarityEspecially about who might actually own or maintain self-driving fleets inway most packed avis Budget will manage way most suite of Autonomous vehicles andRival Apple will lease a small fleet of cars from herd to test self-driving technologyandThat wraps up today’s newscast join us again tomorrow morning for a by-the-numbers report with our judges nighter. Take care




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