Automotive News in 60: Apple VS Tesla; New BMW Z4

Ford calls a facebook post claiming the automaker is hiring… a Hoax. I’m jerry reynoldsthe car pro with your automotive news in sixty seconds. A blurb posted on a facebook account claims ford is hiring factory workers, and it directspeople to call a recruitment line. But ford says it does not hire through socialmedia and it had nothing to do with the post. So could apple end up buying Tesla? That’sthe question a lot of people are asking… as Tesla meanwhile, reports short deliverytimes on its luxury “p-85-d” model s. This week, apple shareholders told their CEO,they’d like Apple to buy the electric car maker. Apple is reportedly already workingon its own electric vehicle. Finally. . . While the market for two-seatersporters is shrinking, don’t count out a new bmw z-4 just yet. Bmw says it’ll replace its aging roadster with a new “z-4” or “z-5” by 2020. Toyota is reportedly involved in the project. I’m Jerry Reynolds, the car pro! Have agreat week!




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