welcome to Friday mornings newscast just aheaddriving acceptance of driverless cars but we’ll begin with your morning atLyons California in other states would be barred from setting their own rulesgoverning the design and testing of self-driving cars and federal regulatorswould be blocked from demanding pre-market approval for autonomousvehicle technology these are some of the provisions of a House Republicanproposal reviewed by Reuters on Thursday the draft legislation while far frombecoming law still represents a victory for automakers and companies such asGoogle’s way Moe they are trying to persuade Congress and the Trumpadministration to preempt rules under consideration in California New York andother states that could limit deployment of self-driving vehicles the 45 pagedraft package of 14 Bills would designate the National Highway TrafficSafety Administration as the lead agency for regulating self-driving cars Fordhas increased the power and cut the weight of two of its largest name platesthe f-150 pickup and expedition SUV as thanks in part to more efficienttransmissions and lighter aluminum bodies for a rundown of all the changessee Mike Martinez’s story here at Auto news. comvolkswagen is replacing the head of its assembly plant in Chattanooga Tennesseethe automaker announcing that Christian cook who has run the plant since 2014will return to Germany to pursue an unspecified new assignment with thecompany VW naming Antonio Pinto as the new executive VP of Chattanoogaoperations effective August 1st he’s been serving as vice president ofproduction and logistics at Volkswagen of Mexico during cooks tenure the plantunderwent a 900 million dollar expansion to make the seventh seat Atlas crossoverthe plant has also been embroiled in a unionization battle the National LaborRelations Board recently filing in unfair labor practices complaint againstVW AG for allegedly hiking health insurance premiums and changing workinghours for a group of skilled workers who voted for union representation in 2015Japanese airbag supplier Takata is said to be preparing to file forbankruptcy as early as next week this as it works toward a deal for financialbacking from US auto parts maker key safety systems Takata faces billions ofdollars in liabilities stemming from its defective airbag inflaters and after adip in april european new car sales rose seven point seven percent in May nearlyall automakers recording increasesconsumers are more likely to embrace the idea of self-driving vehicles if theyowned cars with driver assist features such as adaptive cruise control that’saccording to preliminary results from a survey by the Alliance of AutomobileManufacturers change is coming rapidly Alliance president Mitch bein wall citedthe findings in prepared testimony this week during the Senate Commercecommittee’s hearing on the testing and deployment of driverless carshe says people who have experienced the technologies safety advantages firsthand have much more favorable attitudes toward robot vehicles than those whohave no such experience and consumer acceptance is vital as more than twodozen tech and auto companies are testing self-driving rides or thesoftware to control them but it remains a big hurdle US Transportation SecretaryElaine Chao recently said at a conference in Detroit that publicconcerns about safety security and privacy will be deterrent to advancingthe technology the autonomous bull TVs you see here today meantime GeneralMotors CEO Mary Barra says she understands the initial worries ofgiving up the wheel to a computer she spoke with reporters during an eventthis week at the Detroit area plant that builds the autonomous Chevrolet boltelectric car I think the best way is to actually get in the vehicle because youcan talk about if and until you experience it and that’s why we thinkputting in ride-sharing fleets is going to be so very very important to get thatexperience I know I went through it by self as you know having permitted fora few decades of going through that but once you’re in the vehicle and you seethe technology understand how it works some of the companies giving access tothe public to its driverless rights include wham-o and Volvo and back tobein wall he told members of the US Senate Commerce Committee that federalleadership and clear rules are vital to the widespread adoption of self-drivingcars we’ll wrap up with a birthday footnotefiat-chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne turns 65 tomorrow thanks for joining uson this edition of first shift enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back hereon Monday


source https://cardetailingphoenix.com/index.php/2018/06/30/driving-acceptance-of-driverless-cars-automotive-news-tv-car-news-chanel/
Source: http://cardetailingphx.blogspot.com/2018/06/driving-acceptance-of-driverless-cars.html


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