General Motors Plans To Invest Heavily –AUTOMOTIVE NEWS / CAR NEWS CHANEL

a nearby supply of parts it’s nice to see you on this Wednesday as we told youTuesday General Motors plans to invest heavilyin its US manufacturing operations and create and retain thousands of jobs inthis country turns out the automaker says it has beenmaking it easier for its supplier base to do the samethat’s because GM is continuing to create supplier parks near its usfactories including the automakers fairfax assembly plant in Kansas andSpring Hill assembly plant in Tennessee now GM is not alone for example in 2015Nissan announced plans to add more than 1,000 new supplier jobs and it’sTennessee operations it’s all part of a 160 million dollar supplier park projectautomakers say locating parts maker parks near assembly plans has severalbenefits including reduced transportation costs meanwhile GMyesterday confirming that another supplier has committed to makecomponents for the automakers next gen full-size pickup trucks in Michigan as aresult 100 supplier jobs will move to the u. s. from Mexico now GM and otherautomakers have been sharply criticized by president-elect Donald Trump forbuilding vehicles in Mexico that are imported into the United Statesa few hours after GM’s announcement Trump tweeted quote thank you to GeneralMotors in Walmart for starting the big jobs push back into the US Trumpreferring as well to Walmart’s plan to hire 10,000 US workers in 2017 aspreviously announced by the retailer GM agreeing to pay 1 million dollars toresolve a US Securities and Exchange Commission accounting case related to afaulty ignition switch linked to 124 deaths the SEC saying today the dealwill resolve charges that internal accounting control failures kept GM fromproperly assessing the potential financial impact of the defectiveignition switch specifically the SEC says GM’s internal investigationinvolving the switch was not brought to the attention of its accountants untilNovember 2013 even though other GM personnel knew in the spring of 2012that a safety issue was at hand GM saying in a statement that itconsented to an administrative SCC order without admitting or denying anywrongdoing for some cities one way to ease the flow of vehicles during rushhour reversible highway lanes similar to the ones illustrated in this animationfrom the Georgia Department of Transportation but here’s a question foryou as we move closer to the era of self-driving cars will robot driversknow what to do and say Alain goes west during the morning commute but east inthe evening well Amazon may have an answer yesterday the company won a USpatent for a roadway management system for autonomous vehicles as described inthe patent the system can help a car determine the direction of travel so itknows which lane to enter now a sneak peek at future product we got our handson spy photos of the upcoming Jaguar IPE the crossover is expected to make itsdebut next year the e pace appears smaller than the F pace and is poweredby a four-cylinder engine and will say with product many is giving its JohnCooper Works performance treatment to the second generation MINI Countrymanthe John Cooper Works countryman produces 228 horsepower and 258pound-feet of torque the performance variant reaches us dealerships in Aprila plug-in hybrid countryman is expected to go on sale in June let’s talk oil TIHS market handing out its annual automotive loyalty awards at last week’sAutomotive News World Congress the information provider honoring automakersfor customer retention and conquest efforts during the 2016 model year IHSmarket found that with seventeen point five million new vehicle registrationsduring the 2016 model year 52 point eight percent of customers were turnedto market to purchase another vehicle from the same make they already own thatrepresented a record loyalty rate and an increase of one point three percentagepoints from the previous year here’s IHS market sales and marketing VP steve hasstarts off with a great product and so I think when you look at the winners thatwe have they all have great product so if you don’t have that it’s really hardbut great product alone just doesn’t do it anymore you have to have a greatexperience though that experience tends to revolve around the dealership andwhat you’re doing there from a sales perspective helping out the customercome in GM took home the top prize overall loyalty to manufacturer for thesecond consecutive year and that is our time for today thanks so much forwatching we’ll see you back here on Thursday




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