it’s Thursday its first shift I’m Jennifer Fong Jaguar ramps up the ipacestay tuned for that story just after these headlines weeks or months aJustice Department lawyer says it could take that long for regulators to decidewhether to approve a software fix for Fiat Chrysler’s diesel vehicles theremarks coming at a federal court hearing Wednesday in San Francisco inMay the department sued FCA accusing the company of illegally using software tobypass and mission controls in 104,000 diesel vehicles sold since 2014 as CAlawyer Robert gif FRA says the automaker is optimistic regulators will approveFCA’s proposed software update meantime consumer rights activists sayVolkswagen Group’s offer to provide an extended guaranteebut no compensation for European customers with rigged diesel cars isinadequate on Wednesday European Union regulators said they had reached anagreement with VW to provide two years of repairs that are tantamount to aquote extra guarantee under the plan VW will promise to resolve issues thatmight arise up to 24 months after diesel cars have been fixed but still won’tmake financial payouts a VW senior executive in Japan has been arrested onsuspicion of using an illegal stimulant VW says Thomas C Bert a 53 year oldGerman was arrested on Wednesday the company did not elaborate on the druginvolved but Flores reports Siebert admitted using cocaine VW saying in astatement we deeply regret the fact an employee of our company has beenarrested due to his personal affairs the automaker says it’s cooperating with theinvestigation according to his LinkedIn profile Siebert is director of aftersales at Volkswagen Group Japan back in 2015 a high-ranking toyota executiveJulie HAMP was arrested Japan on suspicion of illegallyimporting the controlled painkiller oxycodone now back to SCA the automakeris recalling 297,000 older minivans in North America wiring may short-circuitcausing the driver side airbag to deploy without warning the recall involves 2011and 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan the defect is linked to 13 minor injuries andToyota is using artificial intelligence to push the environmentally friendlyPrius Prime on the Weather Channel app and weather calm Toyota becoming thefirst automaker to deploy Watson adds it’s a cognitive ad format that combinesmachine learning natural language understanding and dialogue tools toengage consumers in one-to-one discussions with Watson ads you couldhave an intelligent two-way conversation with your favorite brands right in anADD Toyota wash the ads today ahead of November’s Los Angeles Auto Show Jaguarrevealed the IPAs crossover conceptthe company is building the electric vehicle with contract manufacturer MagnaSteyr in a chat with our Richard Truitt Magnus tires Carl Friedrich Strakasays Magna engineers have been involved in the IPAs project almost from thestart while Jaguar Land Rover engineers created the vehicle Magna engineersfigured out the best way to build it but one challenge assembling the vehiclesaluminium body requires using several new joining methods including welding ofaluminium getting the vehicle right is crucial for Jaguar one reason theeyepiece puts Jaguar in direct competition with Tesla’s Model X alsothe IPAs will help the company meet its European Union commitment to cut carbondioxide emissions Straka says the first eyepieces are now being built thevehicle will launch this year in Europe and arrive next year in the US speakingof Tesla billionaire investor Ron Barron thinks the electric car makers sharescould reach $600 next year and they could rocket to $1,000 in 2020 Baron whois a major Tesla shareholder making the prediction this week on CNBC’s SquawkBox remember to stay with Auto news. com foryour industry update around the clock we’ll see you back here Friday morning




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